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Host A Location2024-03-26T13:42:29+00:00

Join us as we seek to have a site in every neighborhood in Manatee County and the 941 region.

There are over 300 churches in Manatee County and only 53 neighborhoods.​

Become A Host

Be the one to impact your neighborhood by providing a space to meet the needs of students.

Partnership FAQs

Is the church responsible for the entire financial cost of the Avenue941 program on their site?2024-03-04T17:32:14+00:00

No. Avenue941 presents the need to the church and the church can decide IF/HOW MUCH they are able to contribute. God ALWAYS meets the need. Avenue941 as a non-profit raises funds and writes grants to help cover the cost of site operations to help the church fulfill its mission.

How many students will be in the program?2024-03-04T17:32:34+00:00

We have on average 12-15 students at any location. We can serve up to 30 students at any location, but must have a minimum of 3-5 volunteers to support those numbers.

How many days will a site work with students?2024-03-04T17:32:55+00:00

The minimum number of days that is required to work with students is 2days/week. If funds/staff/volunteers are available, a church could host students 5days/week

What does Avenue941 need from our church/ministry?2024-03-04T17:33:17+00:00

Space, WiFi, access to bathrooms, 3-5 volunteers, partnership in prayer and mission, help identify the site facilitator if possible as a church member we can train and pay

Are volunteers expected to volunteer the entire 2-6pm window?2024-03-07T02:30:13+00:00

No. Volunteers can serve for one hour or as long as they like. It just needs to be communicated to the site facilitator and there need to be 3-5 volunteers during each hour total.

Let’s open our church doors to students to help support and mentor them after school!

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