Avenue941 is committed to providing a safe, positive, and structured environment for all students in the after-school program. To make the most out of that limited time we need all students to follow appropriate behavior from the first day. This allows us to maintain the quality and safety of every activity for all of our participating students.

Please review the following general rules and disciplinary consequences that will guide the program. It is imperative that students and parents and staff understand the expectations of the program as well as the potential consequences. We ask that you discuss the information listed below with your child. We appreciate your efforts and thank you for continued support in making appropriate behavior a priority for all children.

General rules:
  1. Students are expected to follow the direction of all staff and volunteers at all times.
  2. Show respect to teachers/coaches and fellow students at all times and always use respectful language when addressing staff and students.
  3. Stay with your activity at all times and move appropriately throughout campus during after-school hours.
  4. Demonstrate responsible care of the facility’s property and equipment.
  5. No disruptive behavior, including fighting, violence of any kind, or inappropriate language.
  6. Students should not leave the group/facility at any time without permission and should never be alone unsupervised
Minor Infractions
  • Disruptive Behavior: Yelling/Screaming
  • Defiance or Disrespect – rolling eyes, refusing
    to participate, not following directions,
  • Physical Aggression/Contact – intentional
    bumping, pushing, shoving, touching, poking,
    tripping, scratching, pinching another person,
    aggressive/competitive sports interactions,
    play hitting/horseplay/flicking, unwanted
    inappropriate touching
Major Infractions
  • Cursing/Abusive Language/Profanity or
    making threats to students or staff
  • Bullying/Fighting/Aggressive Behavior
  • Throwing Objects that have potential to harm
  • Chronic Wandering, Skipping, or Leaving
    Property without Permission – hiding from
  • Chronic Stealing
  • Major Property Damage – Vandalism, arson,
    actions causing permanent damage
  • Inappropriate Use of Technology
    Alcohol or drug use; tobacco; weapons

1st Violation: Student conversation with adult where student determines a plan of action for themselves to improve
2nd Violation: Adult conversation with parent/guardian about behavior to create plan of action
3rd Violation: Opportunity to meet with a counselor to discuss behavior and create plan of action while not being part of program for a week
4th and Final Violation: Expulsion from program for the semester; re-visit possible with further counseling